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World Military Collectables aims to provide a range of original, quality militaria items from the major combatant forces Drawing on the combined experience of over 50 years in the world of militaria, WMC will seek to present a regularly updated selection of items from the Victorian era to the Second World War. Predominantly featuring items from the First and Second World Wars , from medals , to uniforms, ephemera to aviation, all backed by a money back guarantee. We attend many of the major militaria shows in the UK where we would be more than happy to acquire single items or collections similar to those on the site. Slip On Shoulder Title. A cloth embroidered slip on shoulder title for the British Expeditionary Force B. In good used condition with some very minor moth damage. Deep melton fabric body with bullion piping and a high quality bullion PAVO badge on scarlet. Fully lined with a plush sweatband which appears to be worn in reverse and in excellent, moth free condition. Staffs and probably 6 Troop, 5 Commando.

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Knowing the dates of these name changes will help you begin to date your vintage Schrade pocketknife. You will be able to date a Schrade knife even more accurately by examining and understanding its markings and characteristics. Schrade was a well-known maker of pocketknives. Check online forums and websites about vintage knives in general and Schrade history in particular to get an idea about the vintage of your knife. Locate books and, if possible, old Schrade catalogs to further enable you to pinpoint the knife within a certain time period.

Survival Skill New Vegas There are different styles of hunting knives available based on your hunting needs. Developing is to write here is to keep wish for busy and as a consequence take their marbles off in the emergency obtainable. They have found these knives dating way back to BC. Through it s extremely rear find out one. In.

First, it is a style of pocket knife. Second, there was the Barlow company in the USA that made and imported pocket knives, key tags, money clips, and other quality gift products, and put your logo on them. A barlow style knife has one or two blades, a huge metal bolster, and a comfortable tear-drop shaped handle.

George Washington was known to have a barlow knife. At least one song was written about the barlow knife. They had white domestic awnings in front, and the country-people hitched their horses to the awning-posts. There was empty dry-goods boxes under the awnings, and loafers roosting on them all day long, whittling them with their Barlow knives; and chawing tobacco, and gaping and yawning and stretching — a mighty ornery lot.

At least four American Barlow families have claimed that they invented the barlow knife. According to Laurence A. Johnson 1 the Barlow knife was probably first manufactured by Obadiah Barlow at Sheffield, England, around The original Barlow, after whom the knives are named, was working in Sheffield at the same time as Luke Furnace. In the Sheffield suburb of Stannington, Barlow Bros. To keep the price low, the blade was high carbon steel, and the handle was bone, and not much time was spent in polishing it.

To make it tough, the bolster was big and thick.

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The knives were a great success and became the basis for all future pilot knives for every nation in the world. This version had a polished blade, brass guard and polished hex pommel. In , we found a box of original blades.

Apr 06,  · re: needs help with dating marbles hunting knife maker marks Post by btrwtr» Thu Jan 07, pm Speaking specifically about the leather handle Woodcraft and Ideal models the handles got thicker and bulkier from the time the models were introduced.

Portrait by Ralph E. Formal hostilities with Spain or France never materialized, but tensions with Britain increased for a number of reasons. Among these was the desire of many Americans for more land, particularly British Canada and Florida, the latter still controlled by Spain, Britain’s European ally. Remini claims that Jackson saw the apparent slight as payback by the Madison administration for his support of Burr and Monroe.

Meanwhile, the United States military repeatedly suffered devastating defeats on the battlefield. Lacking adequate provisions, Wilkinson ordered Jackson to halt in Natchez, then part of the Mississippi Territory , and await further orders. However, he also promised, instead of dismissing the troops without provisions in Natchez, to march them back to Nashville.

Many of the men had fallen ill. Jackson and his officers turned over their horses to the sick.

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The first blades were not very good and they had problems with them. No one knows who the supplier was at this time. The first Marbles blades were simply stamped Marbles.

Randall Made Knives Story» Steeped in a rich blade making tradition, the Randall story is presented here through the words of Bo Randall, our founder, as well as a timeline outlining major events in .

I started doing this as an effort not to buy junk knives. It began after hearing numerous brand name knives being sold both online and on television. Initially I wanted to find out what knives being sold Cutlery Corner Network television program were actually Jim Frost trademarks. The list has grown beyond my original intention and now includes brand names from a variety of sources and online dealerships. The current list provides information on around different knife brands.

Still this is not an all inclusive list of every brand name out there. For the most part the list is not historical in nature. It lists current brands and where the brand is currently being made. While this is not an all inclusive list, it does cover many major production brands that knife collectors will come across. People who collected high-end handmade custom knives will be left wanting, however.

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Liked 5, Times in 1, Posts chief, I’ll copy the pertinent information from the book I have: After the patent was granted, the blade stamp changed to Pat’d. The patent ran out in However, judging from the scarcity of marked specimens, it does not appear the mark went much beyond

The sword being an important weapon, the sword eras are named separately. Koto refers to the “old sword” period, Shinto refers to the “new sword” era, Shinshinto is the “new, new sword” era, Gendai is the “modern sword” era, and Shinsaku represents the newly made swords.

Love Triangles are tricky business. Trust us, we’ve already done the math. It can get particularly twisted when some sides of the triangle are completely one-sided. Bob is in love with Alice, but Alice not only fails to realize it, but is already in a relationship with Chris. This is a classic recipe for drama or humor , but sometimes, it goes too far. Sometimes, somehow, Bob gets the idea that Chris is the one in the way of Bob’s happiness with Alice, and if Chris were to somehow have an “accident” , then surely Alice would come to love Bob instead.

Not always the best thought-out plan, no. Sometimes, Bob may not even consider what would happen if Alice ever found out. In fact, in a lot of these situations, Bob doesn’t even make any effort to hide his actions from her and seems to be convinced that she’ll somehow fall in love with him as soon as he kills Chris. If this isn’t The Reveal for a Yandere , it’s still their most shocking moment. Also compare the Scarpia Ultimatum , where the threat to murder the hypotenuse may or may not be carried out.

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Moving on to the Woodcrafts, the Woodcraft had crossed hatched jimping on the blade for the thumb, an easy way to recognize the Woodcraft is the “Pat ” mark, I’m going to quote “Trail Dust” The “Woodcraft” was designed in by George W Brooks, the editor of The Outer’s Book. With the patent expiring in , a number of companies jumped on the design and offered their own version of the Woodcraft. George Brooks and Webster Marble were of the opinion that the Woodcraft was a combination of both skinner and sticking blade sticking knives are for bleeding out livestock.

Originally from what I have read in my material , the Woodcraft was sold with a sharpened false edge for sticking, later changed to a blunt. In my own experience, the Woodcraft is a great skinner and a dandy outdoor knife all-round. Nevertheless, I am rarely in need of a different knife in the woods and, when teamed up with a pocket knife, small saw, perhaps an axe, most any reasonable task is easily accomplished.

Knife Books & DVDs. Useful for collector’s in identifying and dating their knives as well as providing a resource for those researching family history. Made in the USA. Your Price: $ In Stock. BK Book – Knives MRC Marbles Catalog Edition. 16 full color pages. Useful for reference.

If I remember correctly, some of the newer ones are made in Pakistan. I don’t know about Pakistan, but I wouldn’t doubt it. I thought Marbles made all their stuff in America until I ordered one of their knives with the big “C” word stamped on it. Back then they were still made in the USA. Their knives were not cheap, and not super expensive.

They had decent hi carbon steel blades. I also have a Marbles hunting knife that my grandfather carried for many many years when he was a guide.


My birth home was so far back in the mountains even the wild animals sometimes lost their way home. The mountains were so tall it was almost noon before the sun could warm the valley. The green plush valley was filled with Indian artifacts, man’s tools of the past. Some artifacts as old as recorded history. My weapon of choice for hunting was my trusted bean flip.

My bullets were a pocket full of Indian arrowheads I would find along the creek.

T his is an early Kershaw Deer hunter, the sheath has a single strap, is marked on the back. Kershaw. Lake Oswego, Oregon. Model Which indicates it is an early knife. The Blade has on the left Side: Kershaw, Oregon USA, Right side

Gambia Gambia showcased on Monday its homegrown solution to the problem of fraud and illiteracy at the ballot box: At a press conference in the capital, Banjul, the Independent Electoral Commission IEC displayed three metal drums representing the three presidential candidates contesting a December 1 election in this tiny west African state. Voters enter a private area that is curtained off where they drop a marble into one of the three drums that are painted with the party colours and emblems, and a bell rings confirming a vote has been cast.

People transport ballot drums with the colours of the three parties contesting in Gambia’s upcoming presidential election in Serekunda Credit: Electoral officials say the system all but eliminates spoilt ballots and allows illiterate Gambians to vote more easily, while ensuring only one vote is cast per person. Sawdust or sand is sprinkled on the bottom of the barrel so that no second sound is heard.

On Thursday President Yahya Jammeh is hoping to return for a fifth term in power but is facing an unprecedented surge in support for the opposition. Adama Barrow, representing a coalition of opposition parties, is posing the greatest challenge to Jammeh’s rule, while Gambian Democratic Congress GDC candidate Mama Kandeh is standing as the third candidate. The country has around , eligible voters.


The most commonly used knives used in the Swedish forces are the ordinary Mora knives. The story behind the Swedish well known knives of Mora. The life was very poor for the farmers in the area of Mora during the 18th century. You will find the town Mora in the centre of Sweden in the middle of vast forests. The farmers during the 18th century had to find themselves complementary ways of living.

Marbles were really popular throughout the early part of the 20th century, but World War II rationing, plus the utter chaos of the European Theatre, put a damper on the sport.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. I have my cell number listed below for any questions. The knife is estate fresh as found untinked original. The knife is very old – I do not know the exact dating on it but I purchased it from an 84 year old woman who told me that this was her Father’s Knife.

I know little about knives in general – but I saved them over the years just because I like the look and they are handy. The tang is marked M. The knife comes with the original leather sheath – I have an image of the stamped trademark shown in one of my pics. The knife has been used but very well cared for. The blade has been sharpened but still has alot of blade left.

My last 2 pics show either side of the blade. The handle reads"” Marbles Safety Axe Co. The handle is in Excellent Condition – I see no breaks or repairs. Double click to enlarge photos for a magnified view.

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